All You Need to Know About Burj Khalifa

All You Need to Know About Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where many of the world’s tallest buildings are located. The Burj-Khalifa is amongst the tallest buildings in all of the emirates. Burj Khalifa has also been awarded the title of the tallest freestanding structure in the world. However, due to safety concerns and structural engineering limitations, this title has been given to the Burj-Khalifa only.

The Burj Khalifa has all types of facilities in it. The tower consists of a lot of floors floors, each reaching up to 1000 feet plus. When fully completed, the combined height of the towers will be well over one hundred stories.

A major design consideration when constructing the Burj-Khalifa was the use of natural light. Light is used extensively within the buildings and provides the necessary illumination to allow for easy day to day navigation inside and outside of the building. Designed with skylights on each floor and a central sky garden at the top, the Burj-Khalifa incorporates many of the traditional features of a modern hotel.

Sky gardens are common within most sky scrapers and these are incorporated within the Burj-Khalifa as well. This allows for the skylights to not only provide for a beautiful natural light source but to also help interior lighting design and enhance the overall visual appeal. The use of skylights and the integration of gardens and amenities has become a standard feature among most sky scrapers and Burj-Khalifa.

The Burj-Khalifa is being designed by some of the leading names in the world of architecture and design. Some of the world’s best buildings and designers will be involved in the design of this wonderful new tower. The sky gardens and skylights offer the opportunity to incorporate such features as solar panels and wind turbines into the design as these are long-term investments and can be implemented very economically.

Being one of the most important international hotels in the world, guests have the opportunity to stay at the Burj-Khalifa completely relaxed and comfortable. Each room has been designed to a high standard and each guest is provided with a private pool and sitting area. Both the Standard and deluxe hotels have fantastic views of the Es Salaam Beach, Burj Khalifa view restaurants and have separate entry areas.

Both hotels are close to all the major shopping areas and offer great shopping and dining opportunities at Indian fine dining restaurants in Dubai.

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