Different Kinds of interior designing

Just like many other fields, interior designing can also be divided into many other branches but most significant one of them is commercial and residential interior designing.


Commercial interior designing includes corporate buildings and structures needed for offices or educational purposes while residential interior designing is more of informal interior designing where owner gets to choose his own style and structure of what they want that place to look like and Interior Designer simply help them in achieving that look.


If you choose luxury commercial interior designing then the one thing for sure is that your demand will always be in the market as there are always new businesses starting up and they need a place which represents their brand image and compliments their work. While working for a corporate you need to take care that your work does not only focuses in only building up the place but it’s also bringing out their work because an office speaks about the business.


On the other hand, if you choose residential interior design Dubai then it might be a seasonal work but you are definitely going to enjoy it as you will meet and understand their mode of living the culture and history and their likings – turning it into a Masterpiece with your creative mind which will only work if you are a person who loves creating new things.


There are many chances that if you choose to be a commercial designer then you can join interior designing companies helping them build what they like. However, a fact that should be mentioned here is that if you choose residential interior designing then you need to take care that you will be on your own as people don’t decorate their houses that often but offices, once decorated may need redecoration considering the style and advancement they are choosing to make towards their business.


Interior designing is best if you feel like you will never get tired of looking at  thousands of different shades of the same colour and still not getting it confused or if you love little tiny details in museums and admire the art and focus that it has been built with, then interior designing is the field for you. So if this is what you want, then make sure that you follow the right steps to pursue your career.

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