Fun Facts You Should Know About Swimming Pools

Fun Facts You Should Know About Swimming Pools

80% of the population does not know how to swim! This is a sad statistic because the world’s largest swimming pool can hold 660,000 gallons of water! Swimming is also one of the oldest recreational activities, dating back to 2500 BC. Ancient Egyptian drawings show women doing breaststrokes and even swimming with their arms extended over their heads! Here are some fun facts about swimming pools that you might not have known. After reading this article, you will surely hire a swimming pool company in Dubai to make a great pool in your home. 

Chlorine is the most popular sanitation method

Chlorine is a chemical that kills bacteria in swimming pools, hot tubs, paints, textiles, and other surfaces. It breaks down into two types: hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ions. These ions oxidize bacteria and neutralize them. Chlorine comes in a variety of forms, and its main advantage is its long residual effect, which makes it an excellent sanitizing agent.

Freedivers can hold their breath for more than 10 minutes

Some freedivers can stay underwater for more than ten minutes. This is a feat not only accomplished by elite athletes but also by ordinary people. Freedivers practice breath-holding techniques to increase their lung capacity. This is a common technique for freedivers, but it must be done carefully since over-packing can cause injury. Professional freedivers practice breathing with minimal physical strain. This saves oxygen for the brain.

Olympic-sized pools hold 660,000 gallons of water

The Olympic-sized swimming pools have hundreds of thousands of gallons of water and are far bigger than residential swimming pools. The excitement around the summer Olympics is felt worldwide, with people from different countries getting caught up in the competition. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has stated that swimming is the most-watched sport during the games and has the largest number of events and participants. In addition to the number of gallons of water, Olympic-sized swimming pools are equipped with a disinfectant and a system to keep the water clean.

The rapid sand filter is 105 years old

A rapid sand filter is an important unit in water treatment plants. Unlike the slow sand filter, which requires backwashing frequently, this unit does not affect the taste and dissolved impurities of the water. The rapid sand filter system consists of a galvanized siphon and two steel tanks, one for the filtration process and one for storage of the filtrated water. Water enters the filter via an inlet pipe and collects under the drainage pipe. Filtered water exits through the outlet pipe.

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