What is root canal?

Root canal saves a decaying or infected teeth/tooth. It is a repairing procedure for a tooth or teeth that if not repaired would cost you many sleepless nights. The bundle of nerves and blood vessels of the tooth gets infected, that’s when you need a root canal therapy. During the therapy, the rotten part is removed to clean the insides of the teeth and seal it. People who fear the procedure go for antibiotics to soothe pain, but the moment you stop taking the medicines, the pain surfaces. There are many dental clinics that offer root canal treatment in Dubai, where they treat you in a manner that you won’t even feel a thing. Equally important is going for a clinic that takes great care of cleanliness so that you don’t get any infections later.

What are the Damaged Nerves and Blood Vessels?

The ball of infected nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue is called the pulp. The nerve being the root of the tooth begins from the bottom of the tooth’s root into the pulp chamber.

The nerve serves as a sensory, giving you the hot and cold sensations. Its presence or absence would not obstruct the functioning of the teeth. The tooth nerve is therefore not essential for the tooth’s health. The only drawback, however, is that after the root canal your tooth is more likely to get fractures.

Why Remove the Pulp?

The emergence of a pulp means, you have got rotting material inside your teeth. That material is full of bacteria that have the tendency to multiply. These bacteria and the infected pulp can cause infection or abscess. The abscess means a pus-filled hole that form at the bottom of the tooth’s root. There are more dangers due to the presence of the pulp.

  • The pulp can cause swelling that can extend to other parts of the face as well.
  • A hole can form that would spread through the side of the tooth to the gum and might affect the skin of the cheek.
  • Bone loss

You can consult a good doctor as soon as you feel pain or formation of plaque. You can also look for wisdom tooth extraction in Dubai. There are cases where the wisdom tooth gets affected due to neglect ad intake of starchy food. Eat healthy and stay healthy.

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